Monday, October 20, 2014

Homosexuals Prone To Contacting STDs – Medical Expert

As homosexuality become more acceptable throughout the world with the Nigerian gay community working towards practising their unconventional s*x life freely in a culturally aware society like Nigeria, medical experts have dispelled the rumours making rounds to probably give homosexuality a good face.

There has been rumours on how less likely it is for gays to contact sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), and most homosexuals have called it a good reason to remain one. But a medical expert, Dr. Reginald Nwokocha Medical Director of Hosanna Medical Centre, Ketu has said homosexuals are more exposed to STDs than those practising heterogeneous s*x, regarding the claim as fallacy.

“They are more commonly exposed to diseases like hepatitis B and C, HIV/AIDS,” he said.

“For a man penetrating the anus of another man or inserting his manhood in the mouth of another man, it is an open invitation to lots of infections. The anus of any human-being is a dirty area. It harbours a lot of bacteria. And these bacteria when they leave that surface where they are to another, it becomes effective. So you find out that there are a lot of STDs homosexuals are exposed to,” he added.

Speaking to Vanguard news, Nwokocha also said women who lick the vagina of other women are also prone to a lot of diseases. “When a woman does lick the vagina of another woman, it is called cunnilingus. It transmits the bacteria in the mouth into the vagina.”

“Every human being has bacteria in the mouth which causes no harm. But the moment such bacteria leaves that environment to another environment, it causes infection.

“Even when women use hands to fumble with themselves such as fingering each other they can contact STD through this process. The fingers are dirty. It is not true that same s*x relationship is for the avoidance of infection rather it is an open invitation for the contracting of STDs that are not even common or occur in heterosexual relationship.”

Dr Nwokocha said homosexuality is psychological problem developed overtime, adding that “such persons need a psycho-therapist. They need counselling, they need to be made to realise the need for male female relationship”.

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